• spotlight || beast + babe


    This spring our team was on the hunt for good looking, well-made collars and leashes for a fun California photo shoot.  We had the pleasure of connecting with Kelsie Macray, the creative and talented founder of BEAST AND BABE, and we were amazed!  Kelsie started BEAST AND BABE on the principle that collars and dog leashes should be modern, wild, and full of good vibes.   Today, all BEAST AND BABE goods are crafted from hand-woven artisan and vintage fabrics from all around the world.  The handmade hardware is crafted from patina'd solid brass for super strength, low allergens, and mad aesthetic appeal.  Finally, each piece comes together in her local community of Los Angeles by a team of rockstar sewers with nothing but dog-lovin' good vibes.  We could be biased, but the we think the best part about these collars and leashes is how rad they look with penn + pooch apparel!


    Get Baloo's look: the babe - soft rose + gray, the flower mama leash, and the neon dove collar.



    Get Lola and Coda's look: the babe - drip herringbone, the flower mama leash, and the jungle boy leash.




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  • p+p || #AMERICANMADE


    At penn + pooch, we are proud to bring American-made apparel into the pet industry.  From concept and design to sourcing and manufacturing, each step is completed responsibly and ethically in Los Angeles, CA.  Our manufacturer is an upstanding partner and provides a safe, clean and comfortable work environment for its sewers and production teams.  We love embracing these American values because we want to cultivate a brand built on quality, character and commitment.  We also believe it is our social responsibility to support local communities and create economic growth in this nation we call home.  

    So, in celebration of this Independence Day, we want to give you a behind the scenes of look at penn + pooch in the (USA) making! 

    This is where the sewing happens!  



    The jersey fabric, which is used as the trim on all tees and tanks, is getting ready for marking.



    A tank top in the making - and Coda watching along in the background!




    The fabric on this table has been marked and is now ready for cutting!






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  • spotlight || dogs at work - featuring sarah boyd, founder of simply, inc.


    On this year’s Take Your Dog to Work Day, we are SUPER excited to introduce you to the most darling office duo of all time: Sarah and Sofi Boyd.  Sarah Boyd is the Founder and creative spark behind Simply, Inc.  Simply, Inc. is a beauty and fashion brand consultant agency with a passion for connecting inspiring individuals.  Along with its branch companies, Simply Stylist and Simply Digital Network, Simply, Inc. strives to bring together designers and stylists in a unique environment where editorial and celebrity style converge to influence consumers across the world.  With an A-list group of clients like Shay Mitchell, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Catt Sadler, it’s no wonder why Forbes named Sarah a “Female Founder to Watch” in 2013.

    Aside from being a savvy entrepreneur and fashion aficionado, Sarah is the proud puppy mama of Sofi Boyd.  Sofi, aka CBO - Chief Barking Officer at Simply, Inc., is a spunky morkie who barely leaves her side!  In a recent interview with us, Sarah gushed about Sofi being her little girl and that she follows Sarah everywhere she goes - including the office!  Check out the rest of our interview with her and see why we love this dynamic duo!

    P+P: Tell us a little bit about your relationship with Sofi.

    SB: She’s my little girl!  She comes to the office with me, goes on road trips with me, and follows me everywhere I go….I mean EVERYWHERE.  She’s got some spunk and knows how to give me that ‘look’ that makes me do just about anything for her.  I love her to the moon and back!

    P+P: How often do you bring Sofi to the office and what is the best part about having her there?

    SB: She usually comes with me every day unless I have a day filled with meetings outside the office.  I love having her here so she can go on regular walks, hang out and get some love throughout the day.  I hate the thought of her being alone at home when she could be with me!

    P+P: How does Sofi change the environment of your workplace and how does she influence your coworkers?

    SB: Well, Sofi is a bit of an escape artist, so everyone at the office is on high alert when the door opens to make sure it’s locked up and Sofi doesn’t run out!  When people come to visit, they usually get attacked with licks from Sofi until they give her the attention she’s looking for.

    P+P: In 2013, you were named a “Female Founder to Watch” by Forbes Magazine.  Do you think having Sofi at the office has influenced some of your success?

    SB: Being honest? Probably not, but she has opened my heart up to feel an unconditional love and I’m sure that has in some way helped me become more successful.

    P+P: If Sofi had a job title and description at the office, what would it be?

    SB: CBO - Chief Barking Officer.

    Want more?  Check Sarah out on Instagram!

    @sarahpboyd || @simplystylistxo

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  • behind the scenes || on set with mogwai the frenchie


    We love ALL dogs at penn + pooch, but lately we've been on a PUPPY kick!  So, last week our team went on the hunt for a young pup to join our modeling squad, and we were thrilled to book a photo shoot with Mogwai, a 14-week-old frenchie.  Mogwai, by every sense of the word, is a puppy.  He's silly, rambunctious, incredibly playful - and boy does he like to grunt!  Spending the day with him was truly a pleasure - and one we just couldn't keep to ourselves!  So please, relax and enjoy a few outtakes from our time with Mogwai!

    "Hey lady, let's try a profile shot.  I'll just look over there and let my tongue hang out; you can do the rest." 

    "Yeah, um, let's take five."  

    "See the treat.  Be the treat."

    "I'm just in it for the babes."


    "Ah, that tickles, that tickles!"


    Get Mogwai's look ||  the babe - black + native aztec

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  • spotlight || W L F H N D



    A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with Claire Wolfson, founder and creative voice behind the ultra-cool dog blog, W L F H N D.  Claire's blog is a place where she celebrates her immense love for her dachshund Bean and connects with a network of people who share the same devotion to their hounds.  Claire and Bean are truly the epitome of hound and human friendship and it is my pleasure to share their story with you. 


    What inspired you to start W L F H N D?

    A few years ago, Bean, my dachshund, suffered a serious back injury that is very common in dachshunds causing him to lose control of his hind end. I was devastated seeing him so helpless. After undergoing major reconstructive surgery, he made a miraculous recovery and has been a champ ever since. His spirit inspired a small apparel and accessories company that has been up and running for the past couple years and now has led to the launch of W L F H N D.  I eventually left my corporate design job to fulfill my creative hunger and spend time and energy on W L F H N D.    


    Leaving your job was a bold move.  Tell us about this journey and your experiences along the way.

    Yes, it was!  After two years at this particular corporate design job I was ready for a change. I was burnt out and had an overwhelming feeling of not being where I was supposed to be. At first I was pretty lost to be honest. It took some trial and error to get to where I am now. I actually even enrolled and got accepted into an MFA program that would further my design education. I attended one week of classes and knew that wasn’t for me either! I’ve always followed my heart and it was telling me to keep searching! After freelancing in Portland for a few months I decided I needed to take some time for myself. I rented out my apartment and headed back east to my hometown, Wellfleet, Massachusetts. My intent was to sort out and develop my ideas for the coming year and establish a game plan to conquer my goals. Wellfleet is the most tranquil place in the winter and exactly where I needed to be to harvest my brain. The map I created during that time enabled me to achieve a lot last year. The two biggies were of course launching W L F H N D and the growth we’ve seen with our doxie inspired clothing and accessories line, Bean Goods. I’ve found that with a keen focus and positive energy you can accomplish almost anything you put your mind to.


    You've definitely been through a lot!  How did Bean and Van impact your life during this time? 

    Bean and Van are my everything. I’ve had Bean for nine years now and he’s been right there by my side through so much. We’ve moved ten times and resided in three states!  Soon after Bean's recovery we decided to get him a partner-in-crime and adopted his brother, Van. Van is a wire-haired dachshund and is truly one of a kind. We’ve had Van for about four years now and it’s been amazing to watch him and Bean’s relationship unfold. They are the best of friends and light up our lives everyday.


    That's awesome!  I completely understand the feeling!  Lola is my precious morkie and she's the inspiration behind penn + pooch.  Tell us about Bean Goods and how Bean and Van continue to inspire your work.

    As I mentioned earlier, Bean suffered from a serious back injury that caused him to lose control of his hind legs. We were devastated and didn’t know what our little guy’s outcome would be. He underwent major reconstructive back surgery and miraculously made a full recovery. His strength and spirit inspired our brand. It started with just beanies and actually was originally called Bean Beanies. From there it’s grown with a collection of graphic tees, tote bags, sunglasses and more.


    So cool! We love Bean Goods and all the designs. W L F H N D focuses on more on your lifestyle. What is your favorite thing about blogging and sharing your stories with the world?

    My favorite part is connecting with like-minded individuals who share a love for dogs, design, style and fashion.  Since the launch of W L F H N D, I've met so many amazing, creative and unique dog lovers.  That's what keeps me inspired.


    The world is a great place full of inspiring people and dogs, isn't it?! What advice do you have for others entrepreneurs dreaming to start their own company?

    Don’t give up! It takes time, energy, and focus to be successful at anything. My favorite inspirational quote is, “I may not be there yet but I’m closer than I was yesterday.” It’s so simple but so true.


    From one business owner to another, I couldn't agree more!  Lastly, as the voice of Bean and Van, what do you think they would want to add to this interview?

    “All we care about is having a warm snuggle spot, toys, treats and having Mom & Pop around at all times. Keep doing what you’re doing so none of this changes, K? Woof!”


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