Posted by Courtney Ruge

It's Friday and we're about to kick off the weekend with a little SIZZLE!  We recently had the great pleasure of teaming up on a photo shoot with Suzanne Donaldson, founder and creative mind behind the awesomely animal-focused blog, Mrs. Sizzle.  Suzanne has a kind, wild and inspiring spirit that is contagious to anyone around her.  She is passionate about animal awareness, art, fashion, and photography and uniquely combines them to make the world a better place.  If there's ever a moment that Suzanne isn't working, she can likely be found doing something fabulous in the city with her fur babies, Edie and Clair.  For the inside scoop on all things Mrs. Sizzle, check out our exclusive interview below! 



P+P: What was your journey to becoming Mrs.Sizzle and what inspired you?
SZ:I had an amazing mentor in Richard Phibbs, a well-known fashion photographer who donated his time to photographing at the Humane Society of NY.  His pictures of dogs and cats inspired me to become Mrs. Sizzle and create a site about animal awareness and all things chic dog.
P+P: What caused you to become so passionate about animal awareness?
SZ: Learning the truth about puppy mills.
P+P: How would you like to inspire people to rescue dogs?
SZ: By photographing new products on dogs that are in need of a home.  Of course for this particularly hot day we used my two dogs as models!
P+P: What are some adventures you go on in the City with Edie and Clair?
SZ: We hit Central Park daily for the delicious hour of the morning when they can run off leash!  Lately we are having more puppy play dates with Cheeky and Mindy Montney of Dog and CO.!
P+P: Where is your favorite place to take your pups in the summer?
SZ: Over to the beach or paddle-boarding in Long Island. They are total water rats.
P+P: What do you enjoy most about photographing dogs?
SZ: Their total sense of enjoyment, quirkiness and oblivion to super model status.
P+P: What is a typical day like for you and your dogs?
SZ: A BIG portion of Edie and Clair’s time is spent sleeping at my feet while I bang away on the keys of my computer, but I do get interrupted for some active “PAY ATTENTION TO ME” time.
P+P: Last, but definitely not least, how do Edie and Clair keep up on style and fashion?
SZ: With companies like penn + pooch helping us out - it is SO not hard!
 Want more Mrs. Sizzle?  We don't blame you!
(photos courtesy of Howie Guja)