Posted by Courtney Ruge

At penn + pooch, we are proud to bring American-made apparel into the pet industry.  From concept and design to sourcing and manufacturing, each step is completed responsibly and ethically in Los Angeles, CA.  Our manufacturer is an upstanding partner and provides a safe, clean and comfortable work environment for its sewers and production teams.  We love embracing these American values because we want to cultivate a brand built on quality, character and commitment.  We also believe it is our social responsibility to support local communities and create economic growth in this nation we call home.  

So, in celebration of this Independence Day, we want to give you a behind the scenes of look at penn + pooch in the (USA) making! 

This is where the sewing happens!  



The jersey fabric, which is used as the trim on all tees and tanks, is getting ready for marking.



A tank top in the making - and Coda watching along in the background!




The fabric on this table has been marked and is now ready for cutting!