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On this year’s Take Your Dog to Work Day, we are SUPER excited to introduce you to the most darling office duo of all time: Sarah and Sofi Boyd.  Sarah Boyd is the Founder and creative spark behind Simply, Inc.  Simply, Inc. is a beauty and fashion brand consultant agency with a passion for connecting inspiring individuals.  Along with its branch companies, Simply Stylist and Simply Digital Network, Simply, Inc. strives to bring together designers and stylists in a unique environment where editorial and celebrity style converge to influence consumers across the world.  With an A-list group of clients like Shay Mitchell, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Catt Sadler, it’s no wonder why Forbes named Sarah a “Female Founder to Watch” in 2013.

Aside from being a savvy entrepreneur and fashion aficionado, Sarah is the proud puppy mama of Sofi Boyd.  Sofi, aka CBO - Chief Barking Officer at Simply, Inc., is a spunky morkie who barely leaves her side!  In a recent interview with us, Sarah gushed about Sofi being her little girl and that she follows Sarah everywhere she goes - including the office!  Check out the rest of our interview with her and see why we love this dynamic duo!

P+P: Tell us a little bit about your relationship with Sofi.

SB: She’s my little girl!  She comes to the office with me, goes on road trips with me, and follows me everywhere I go….I mean EVERYWHERE.  She’s got some spunk and knows how to give me that ‘look’ that makes me do just about anything for her.  I love her to the moon and back!

P+P: How often do you bring Sofi to the office and what is the best part about having her there?

SB: She usually comes with me every day unless I have a day filled with meetings outside the office.  I love having her here so she can go on regular walks, hang out and get some love throughout the day.  I hate the thought of her being alone at home when she could be with me!

P+P: How does Sofi change the environment of your workplace and how does she influence your coworkers?

SB: Well, Sofi is a bit of an escape artist, so everyone at the office is on high alert when the door opens to make sure it’s locked up and Sofi doesn’t run out!  When people come to visit, they usually get attacked with licks from Sofi until they give her the attention she’s looking for.

P+P: In 2013, you were named a “Female Founder to Watch” by Forbes Magazine.  Do you think having Sofi at the office has influenced some of your success?

SB: Being honest? Probably not, but she has opened my heart up to feel an unconditional love and I’m sure that has in some way helped me become more successful.

P+P: If Sofi had a job title and description at the office, what would it be?

SB: CBO - Chief Barking Officer.

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