Posted by Courtney Ruge

We love ALL dogs at penn + pooch, but lately we've been on a PUPPY kick!  So, last week our team went on the hunt for a young pup to join our modeling squad, and we were thrilled to book a photo shoot with Mogwai, a 14-week-old frenchie.  Mogwai, by every sense of the word, is a puppy.  He's silly, rambunctious, incredibly playful - and boy does he like to grunt!  Spending the day with him was truly a pleasure - and one we just couldn't keep to ourselves!  So please, relax and enjoy a few outtakes from our time with Mogwai!

"Hey lady, let's try a profile shot.  I'll just look over there and let my tongue hang out; you can do the rest." 

"Yeah, um, let's take five."  

"See the treat.  Be the treat."

"I'm just in it for the babes."


"Ah, that tickles, that tickles!"


Get Mogwai's look ||  the babe - black + native aztec