Posted by Courtney Ruge

Our dogs love to go on walks.  I know, it’s pretty classic, but their excitement gets me every time.  If they even hear me or my fiance whisper the word “walk”, it turns into a mad-dash for the door.  It's a guaranteed on every walk that Coda will chase everything in sight (even his shadow) and Lola will beeline toward any bird on the horizon.  Their zest for adventure is like nothing I’ve ever seen and I adore their enthusiasm for the little things.  Some of our favorite places to take the dogs are Gray's Lake near downtown Des Moines and Ada Hayden Park in Ames.  

Now, I can’t speak for my dogs (oh wait, yes I can…) but I know they believe a good walk isn’t possible without the right gear.  So here you have it; all the best looks in walk wear this spring, courtesy of Lola and Coda!



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